Prospective Candidates– How To Become A Lawyer in Canada

On this page, INTRACI provides you with a detailed guide that shows you how to become a lawyer in Canada.


– Foreign-trained lawyers from all over the world,

– Foreign-trained law graduates (including those in the final year of law school).

  • Who want to immigrate to Canada, or,
  • Want to become licensed to practice law in Canada, or
  • Those who want to be able to practice across borders.

Do you know that to become a lawyer in Canada?

 There’s no age limit
 No previous professional qualification/experience is required
You can apply as a fresh law graduate or even in your final year of law school
You may come from a common-law or non-common-law jurisdiction
 No citizenship is required
No permanent residency is required
Finally, you can start the process TODAY, right there from your home country, and then continue/complete it in Canada.

Also, do you know that the qualification and licensing process to practice in CANADA is far, far cheaper than you can ever imagine? Hence, you may have questions like:

How do I start the process?
How and when can I apply?
What documents do I need to submit?
How much will the process cost me?
How long will it take?


how to become a lawyer in canada