General Information

Intending Candidate


Let’s summarise this process of transferring to Canada here on this page.

To continue, you must meet some basic requirements.

Our evaluation tests are to confirm whether you meet these requirements.

For the next 10 Modules, we will take you through the various requirements of the NCA Qualification Process, beginning with what you must possess before applying.

Each of the Modules is separate but inter-dependent.

Modules 1 – 4 are compulsory: every candidate must meet the requirements stipulated in them.Our evaluation tests will provide you with a report on whether you meet them, and if not, what to do to successfully meet these requirements.

Modules 5 – 10 will evaluate a whole lot of additional requirements that may apply to you. The information you supply in Modules 5 – 10 will determine if you will be mandated to meet some additional requirements. They include information about your academic and professional qualifications - when, where and how they were obtained; your academic performance, your language proficiency, etc.

Modules 11 & 12 – will provide concrete information as to how much the whole NCA qualification process may cost you, and how long it may take you to achieve this qualification. These are also crucial information for all intending candidates.