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We warmly welcome you to the International Lawyers Transfer to Canada Initiative (INTRACI). At iNTRACI, our job is to help foreign-trained lawyers navigate the process of becoming licensed to practice law in Canada.

Do you wish to immigrate to Canada and practice as a lawyer?

Or do you just wish to take your law practice across borders by becoming licensed to practice in Canada?

At INTRACI, our primary objective is to assist international lawyers in their quest to become licensed in Canada. We provide support and consultancy services that will help you navigate the complex licensing process. We also provide you with exam prep materials to ensure your success.

There is no gainsaying the fact that the world has virtually become a global village. This has brought in its wake the attendant inter-relations between and among individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments across borders. And internet access has made these relations so easy, fast, convenient and comfortable.

Legal practice all over the world thrives on these interactions amongst humans and/or organizations. Accordingly, legal practice is no longer limited by boundary; it has followed these interactions across borders. There is thus the growing need for legal practitioners to hone their skills to be able to practice across borders, in order to provide the required legal services to global clients.

However, the requirements to practice as a lawyer are still subject to specific jurisdictions, each with its peculiar rules. Therefore, if you must practice in a desired jurisdiction, you must be licensed by that jurisdiction.

So, now this site is programmed to make things easier for those international lawyers who are desirous of transferring to Canada to become licensed.

Whether you are about to take the first step to transfer your practice to Canada, or you have already started, then our services are for you.

For prospective candidates, we will provide you with step-by-step advisory and support services to guide you through the process of submitting your initial documents to the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) for assessment.

For new and existing candidates who already have their assessments, we will support you through the examination stages by providing you with tutorials, notes, examination tips and guidance to see you successful.

And once you are done with the NCA exams, we will also provide our services to you to see you through the requirements of becoming licensed in your Province of choice. As you well know, each Canadian Province has its own rules and procedure to become licensed as a Canadian lawyer. Our professional services will assist you navigate through these routes.

In all, our primary purpose at INTRACI is to make your dream of becoming a licensed Canadian lawyer a reality, whatever your ultimate objective is. And we bet that you will enjoy our invaluable services, like many others.

(Please note that we do not have any affiliation, association or relationship whatsoever with the NCA)

Welcome on board.

Our Team

iNTRACI was established by Manuel Akinshola. He is a lawyer licensed across 3 jurisdictions – Canada (Ontario), England & Wales, and Nigeria.  .

In the process of qualifying as a lawyer in Canada, he sat the assigned NCA examinations which he cleared at one sitting each. He also sat his Ontario Bar Exams which he equally passed at the first attempt.

He has brought his extensive experience as a foreign-trained lawyer to bear by creating this initiative, to assist other international lawyers from all over the world in navigating the path towards becoming a Canadian lawyer.

You will find his experience tremendously useful and his work resourceful, as testified by many.

He is assisted in this task by many other individuals and organizations.

If you require any further information about us, please contact us here.