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Here, you will find various materials on different NCA subjects.

All these materials have been specially prepared for your NCA exams, with the sole objective of making you pass. They are updated in line with the current NCA syllabi and prepared by licensees who have gone through the process and know what you need to pass.Please note that ALL our study materials are in downloadable PDF format only. No hard copies and we do not ship.

You can purchase the materials individually. We are aware of financial commitments as there are several bills to be settled. So, we do not want to constrain you by mandating you to cough out substantial sums to purchase all the materials at once. In this wise, you can purchase the materials individually or in batches, at anytime, as your finances permit.

You may also purchase the Bundle Package for each subject. The Bundle Package contains all available materials for each subject, all together in one bundle, i.e., the notes, summaries of cases and ratios in the subject, tips on how to answer exam questions for each subject, sample questions and answers, sample short-answer questions and answers, and, sample multiple-choice questions and answers. The advantage here is that you now have everything you need to pass your exam in just one bundle, to aid your preparation. Secondly, purchasing the Bundle Packages is cheaper than buying individually.

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(Please note that all our study materials may not presently be available in some subjects. Be assured that we are working on making everything available asap. In that situation, we urge you to check back frequently for updates. You may also contact us here for specific info. Thanks.)