Prospective Candidates – Advisory & Consultancy Services

  • Do you want to emigrate to Canada and practice as a lawyer but don’t know how to start?
  • Do you have specific questions regarding the licensing process?
  • Do you have issues concerning the requirements for assessment and how to obtain it?


    • Are you about to register for the NCA exams and need support services to assist you with information and tips?
    • Do you need guidance on how to answer NCA exam questions properly?
    • Are you having challenges in passing your NCA exams and you need advisory and support services?


    • Do you need advisory services regarding passing your Bar exams?
    • Do you have any challenge with an aspect of your Bar licensing process and you need support services in the form of advice and guidance?
    • Do you require special attention to help you succeed in your Bar exams?


    • Are you having any other challenge in the process of getting licensed and you require advice and consultancy services?
    • Do you have any specific question for which you need specific answers?
    • Do you need mentoring?

    We at INTRACI will provide you with advice, guidance, consultancy and support services in the process of getting your NCA assessment, or getting your Certificate of Qualification, or getting licensed.

    These advice and support services will be dedicated to your specific needs as far as the licensing process is concerned, anytime you need it, wherever you are in any part of the world.

    We offer these advice and consultancy services at a token, all to assist you. (Please note that our services are provided via email correspondence only. We do not offer advisory services via telephone at the moment)

    If you need our services in respect of any of the above, please fill the information box below and we will respond to you with further information.