Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains some of our most frequently asked questions.
If you do not find questions that match your queries, or answers that satisfy your inquisitions, then you may contact us here.

1. Are your materials up to date?

At INTRACI, we constantly strive to ensure that our materials and notes are up to date. Therefore, we regularly review all available syllabi to ensure that our materials are accordingly updated.
The above notwithstanding, our assurance is only limited to the fact that our materials are correct as at the time of publications.

2. Do you give guarantee that I will pass my exam

It is not within our power to give any guarantee, express or implied, that a user will pass any examination using our materials.

Our materials are for educational purposes only, and, therefore, it depends on the individual to ensure that he reads all the required materials for any exam.

We at INTRACI have no part or input into how exams are marked, neither do we give any assurance or guarantee that the examiner will mark any exam one way or the other.

3. Are your materials sufficient for me to pass my exams?

Candidates usually ask us this question. While many candidates in the past have expressed their gratitude that they relied solely on our materials to pass their exams, our answers have always been that we do not give such guarantees, whether express or implied that any candidate will pass any exam relaying only on our materials.

As a matter of fact, we always advise candidates to ensure that they read all required materials as prescribed in the syllabus for any exam.

Please note that our materials are for preparation purposes. They are most ideal for revision and for use in the exam hall as a guide.

4. Do you provide tutorial facilities?

Yes. We provide one-on-one and group tutorial services. You may obtain more information about our tutorial services here and here.

Can I share your materials?

No. All our materials are sold under copyright provisions that they are not to be shared, copied or reproduced without our express and prior written consent.

Can I partner with you?

Yes. Regularly, we seek partnership with reputable individuals and organizations towards achieving any of our business objectives.

Each partnership agreement will be worked out according to the surrounding circumstances. If you are interested in partnering with us, then contact us here.

Do you offer refunds?

Generally, we do not offer refunds. Simply because virtually all our materials are in soft copies and downloadable. And we have ensured that we offer previews to most of our products before purchase.

So, users have advance notice of what they are purchasing.
Hence, we do not offer refunds or money-back guarantees.

What is involved in your consultancy services?

Generally, our consultancy services are support services offered to prospective and existing candidates wishing to transfer their practice to Canada.

It consists of advice, guidance, support and review services with the candidates. Whether from before you apply to NCA, after you have applied, after you have obtained your Certificate of Qualification, and during your licensing processes.

Consultancy services are tailor-made for the individual. And this is why we always advise individuals who are interested in our consultancy services to get in touch with us so we can work out the details together.

Are your services available only in Canada?

No. our products and services are available to all individuals who are interested in them from anywhere in the world. This is why almost all our products and services are offered/available online to make it accessible to anybody anywhere.

How can I pay for your products and services? I’m not in Canada?

You are able to pay for any of our materials and services from anywhere in the world.

Our acceptable payment methods are PayPal and debit/credit card payments for everyone (plus fund transfer via interac for those in Canada).

Virtually all of our materials are in soft copies so you can pay and download them anywhere you have internet access.

Are my financial details safe with you?

In addition to the fact that our integrity is sacrosanct, we do not collect, access, save or store anyone’s financial details on our website.

At the point of payment, the user is taking to the secured payment platform of the provider where the payment is processed. We do not have access to these payment platforms neither are we able to access any information processed by them. After payment is processed, the user is only redirected back to our site for the completion of the transaction.

You can learn more about our payment methods here.

Why do you charge in Canadian dollars?

Simple. The reason is because the products and services relate to issues of practice in Canada. So, it is most appropriate to charge in that currency. In any event, all payment gateways are able to automatically convert your payment to the currency of your domicile, at your financial institution’s prevailing exchange rate.

Are you endorsed by NCA or Law Societies?

Just like every other provider of exam support services like ours, we are neither licensed nor endorsed by NCA or any Law Society. All the materials and services provided on our website are voluntary and entirely at the discretion of each candidate.

What differentiates your materials from others’?

We have designed our materials specifically as prep materials for use before and during the exams.
The peculiar features of most of our materials are that they are designed in accordance with the latest syllabus and requirements of the respective law societies.
They are prepared in such a way to make the courses easier for the candidate.
The language is simple.
The way we have structured them makes them easy to understand.
They are also designed in such a way as to make them easily accessible and handy for reference in the exam halls.
And there are so many other interesting additions that make our materials useful for candidates.

I purchased a material from you for a previous exam. Can I still use the material for my upcoming exam?

It is a well-known fact that the NCA and the respective Law Societies regularly make changes to their syllabus. When this is done, we at INTRACI also ensure that we update our materials to align with the changes.

Therefore, we advise that you confirm that your previous material is up to date in accordance with the present syllabus before using them.