Summaries of Cases & Principles in NCA Subjects

We have prepared the summaries of Cases and Principles in some NCA Subjects.

These Summaries and Principles will provide you with the brief summary of facts of the cases in the syllabus for each subject, as well as the ratios that are relevant to each topic. Principles of law that will aid you are also included.

As NCA students, it is unpardonable for you not to cite judicial authorities while writing your exams, as this is the surest way to failure.

But the right authority and principle at the right place and at the right time earns you the much-needed marks for a pass.

That is why this Handbook comes handy for your use during the exams.

You can download instantly to your device.

Important Information – Please note that the Summaries of Cases & Principles for all NCA subjects are NOT available at the moment. It is only the download links of available subjects that are in bold and underlined below. We shall continue to upgrade our website when Summaries for other subjects become available.

Please select the Summaries of the Cases & Principles for your NCA subject below: