Summaries of Cases, Ratios and Principles in Constitutional Law


Summaries of Cases, Ratios & Principles in Constitutional Law

You can hardly pass your NCA Constitutional Law exam without adequate, sufficient and precise references to applicable case law. This is because Constitutional law is one of those subjects that have been largely shaped by judicial interpretation and applications.

This material contains very brief facts and ratios of all the relevant cases in NCA Constitutional Law. All the cases listed in the current NCA syllabus have been succinctly summarized while the ratios relevant to each topic have been stated.

The brief facts will enlighten you about the subject matter while the summary of the judgment enables you to back up your submission in your exams with the necessary authorities.

You need this Material if you are indeed desirous of passing your NCA Constitutional Law exam, no matter the material you are studying from. And the value far exceeds the price.

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Summaries of Cases, Ratios & Principles in Constitutional Law

(for NCA Students)

This Handbook serves the very useful purpose of a quick reference guide during your NCA Constitutional Law Exam. It will help you in quickly making references to the cases you need to cite for the exams as well as ratios that are very relevant to the facts of your exam questions. These summaries, facts and ratios are handy without the need to sift through hundreds of pages.

It is also a very useful study material as it contains summaries of the facts and ratios of all relevant cases in Canadian Constitutional Law, including all the cases specified in the current NCA syllabus. The facts and ratios of these cases have been summarized in such concise ways as to make you understand their relevance and application.

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