Want to Practice Law in Canada? Here’s How


All the information you need, including how to start today and how much it will cost you is now available in our step-by-step Guide for foreign-trained lawyers.

This Guide was written by a foreign-trained lawyer who himself went through the qualification and licensing process and is today a Canadian lawyer.

You can never find elsewhere such comprehensive and detailed information about how to become a lawyer in Canada.

In addition, we will provide you with one-to-one guidance and support about your specific requirements and what you need to do to enroll in the qualification process to allow you to practice in Canada. This service will be FREE for the first 50 people who signup.


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About the Book
This guide (“Want to Practice Law in Canada? Here’s How”) is for any lawyer or law graduate from all over the world who wants to immigrate and become licensed to practice law in Canada. Written by a foreign-trained lawyer who also recently became licensed as a Canadian lawyer, it provides you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to start the process. The explanations are so simple, direct, and comprehensive; you will never get these elsewhere!

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