Constitutional Law – Sample Questions & Answers


Constitutional Law – Sample Questions & Answers

One unique thing about Canadian Constitutional Law is that each principle contains certain tests or requirements that must be met before the principles can apply. And in your exam answers, it is fatal not to list those tests or requirements and/or appropriately apply them to your exam facts.

In this handbook, the tests or requirements for each of the applicable principles have been listed. And they have been applied in answering the sample questions, to serve as a guide for your real exam questions.

All the sample questions are unique, engaging and up to Canadian law school standards. The answers are educative, resourceful and very helpful in helping you pass your NCA Constitutional Law exam.

This study material is invaluable!

You will hardly find the resources this handbook offers you anywhere else. Hardly!

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Constitutional Law – Sample Questions & Answers

This handbook contains 10 Fact-based sample Questions and Answers on selected topics of Canadian Constitutional Law for NCA candidates.

All the sample questions were prepared using the IRAC formula.

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