NCA Exam Tips

It’s not enough to just study for NCA exams. You need information about how to pass them. And that is why we have compiled the NCA Exam Tips.

As a first, you must be aware that NCA exams are in a class of their own. And there are specific ways of achieving success in them.

It is true that as a lawyer or law graduate, you must have undertaken many academic and professional examinations in your jurisdiction to get to this stage.

At the same time, you must be alert to the fact that the structure, formats and contents of NCA exams may be entirely different from that of your jurisdiction.

Therefore, in order to make a headway, you must know how to answer NCA exam questions and give to the examiner what she wants. That’s the only way to achieve success.

We have designed some exam tips to assist all NCA candidates, at a token.

We have the general tips on how to answer NCA exams generally. Then we also have tips that are specific to each exam, especially the mandatory subjects.

For the general tips on How to Pass Your NCA Exams, please click here.

For specific tips on each subject, please click on the subject below. (Only those subjects with tips are in bold and underlined)

Important Information – Please note that the specific Tips for all NCA subjects are NOT available at the moment. It is only the download links of available subjects that are in bold and underlined below. We shall continue to upgrade our website when Tips for other subjects become available.


Available NCA Exam Tips

Please select the Tips for your NCA subject below and download instantly to your device:


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