Canadian NCA Exam Tips


Handbook of Tips to Pass your Canadian NCA Exams

The purpose of this handbook is to help students prepare adequately for and succeed in their NCA exams.

We have prepared a number of useful tips to guide you, before and during the exams.

It also contains samples of how to answer typical NCA exam questions – whether short-answer questions, essay questions or fact-based questions – and many other things you many not even know/remember are required for the exams.

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Author’s Note:
Please take note that the tips provided in this Handbook are from the Author’s personal experiences,
opinions and research from similar circumstances. They are only intended to provide baseline level of
guidance for answering your NCA exam questions. They do not purport to be exhaustive or authoritative.
Please be aware that NCA as the exam-administering body reserves the exclusive right and discretion to
issue separate guidance, set its exams and require answers in any particular manner or direction it deems fit.

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