Here, you will find all the materials needed to help you prepare for the Bar examinations, as well as help you pass them.
Those who have gone through the Bar exams of the Provinces will testify that it requires adequate preparations.
Some candidates have had to retake their Bar exams over and over again. It is not child’s play. And having spent such huge sums to go through law school or the NCA process, you cannot afford to fail at this very last stage.
For this purpose, we prepared the Bar exam prep materials to assist you.
Just select your preferred material, and you are good to go.

Please note that currently, we only have the Law Society of Ontario’s Bar examinations prep materials available on our site.

However, we are working assiduously on providing you with these materials for other Provinces where Bar exams are required. You may check this page back regularly for updates on other Provinces.

Law Society of Ontario Bar Exam Prep Materials