Come celebrate with us!.

Today, one year ago, our LSO Bar Practice Exam portal was officially launched.

It is our birthday and we are extremely happy to celebrate it.


And since we launched, we have grown from strength to strength.

Many candidates who used our Bar Practice Exams portal confirmed that it tremendously helped them in passing their Bar exams. And they keep coming back after each stage. This is the source of our strength: that we are getting right.

And, we saw into the future!

From the beginning, we had already programmed our exam portal based totally on the online format. We configured in such a way that candidates can take the exam and get their raw results instantly. And they can also revise the exam taken to know which answer was right or wrong.

And then Covid-19 came, and the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) was forced to also officially adopt the online exam format in July 2020!

LSO also changed the exam questions to 160 from 120 and changed the exam duration from 3 hours to 4. But with all these changes, it was so easy for us to seamlessly update our exam portal to align with LSO’s new format. We were thus the first provider to adopt the 160 multiple-choice questions and the 4-hour exam period.

Our practice exam questions were also updated to include every necessary questions that candidates may come across in the real Bar exams. Now, our portal is fully updated to make it easy for bar candidates to practice and get familiar with the real exam in advance.

365 days later, we are so elated because the feedback received from candidates who subscribed to our Bar Practice Exams was so encouraging. Many of them praised our Bar Practice Exams to high heavens. A particular candidate said he had attempted the Barrister Licensing Examination twice but failed. And he was scared that it would be the end if he failed the 3rd time. He subscribed to our Bar Practice Exams, and months later, came back reporting that he passed, thanks to our practice exams which prepared him well. It was such a joyous and emotional moment for us.

Today, we are so glad that we have many users on our platform. We have grown tremendously in our user base and many more candidates are joining us by the day.

We will not rest on our oars. For the next 365 days, we hope to keep improving on our Bar Practice Exams. The sole aim of our practice exams is to help Ontario Bar candidates pass their exams. And we shall continue to pursue this mission by all legitimate means.


What’s in store for the next one year?

In the next one year, there shall be some radical changes to our exam portal. No fear! All is geared towards assisting the candidates. We assure our users that they will enjoy these changes more.

And for all our loyal users who still have one or two bar exams to write, we are giving you our anniversary gifts, in the form of a massive discount. This is to appreciate you for your support these past 365 days. Please check here for details of this discount.



To all of our users, present and prospective, we say THANK YOU for your patronage, commendations, advice, observations and feedback. They were a treasure. and You made our day.

Happy Celebrations….!!!