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This is the Success Bundle for NCA Foundations of Canadian Law Exams

Most NCA Candidates regard NCA Foundations as tough.

But this Study Material will help you.

The Bundle contains the following

  • Notes on Foundations of Canadian Law that is updated to the current NCA Syllabus. (The notes also contain abridged versions of all the articles in the current syllabus)
  • Summaries of principles in Foundations and summaries of facts and ratios of all cases in the current NCA Foundations syllabus. (It also contains summaries of each Article in the syllabus, NOT EXCEEDING ONE PAGE EACH).
  • Tips on How to Answer NCA Foundations Exam Questions.
  • (10) samples of Fact-based and Essay-type Questions & Answers on very important topics in the current NCA Foundations Syllabus. (Samples show how to incorporate the Articles in your exam answers).
  • (10) samples of Multiple-choice Questions & Answers.
  • (5) samples of Short-Answer Questions.

 All these materials available in one Bundle, to help you pass.

The Bundle Package is in PDF Format and can be downloaded instantly from anywhere in the world, at an affordable price you can never believe.

To purchase online and download instantly or to see the sample, please visit:



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Announcements, For NCA Candidates, Information, NCA

Congratulations to All Users of our Study Materials Who Passed

As NCA releases another batch of results this January, we have received numerous feedback from many NCA Candidates who said they passed their exams using our study materials. Many have confirmed that our study materials on Foundations of Canadian Law, Canadian Constitutional Law, and Canadian Professional responsibility helped them pass. We are indeed happy to be partners in your success stories.

This kind of feedback is very heartwarming and gives us the energy to strive to do more in ensuring the success of users of all our study materials.

Warm congratulations to you all.



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Foundations of Canadian Law Note, December 2022 Version Now Available

Hi there,

Our Note on Foundations of Canadian Law has now been updated to the December 2022 Version of the NCA Syllabus. It contains all the topics, cases and articles in the current NCA syllabus and most helpful for your NCA Foundations exam.

From anywhere in the world, you can easily purchase the Foundations note and instantly download for your study. To see samples or make a purchase, please visit

All the best in your NCA exams.

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Foundations Bundle Package now Available for instant Download

By Popular Demands.

Glad to announce to our esteemed users that our Foundations of Canadian Law Bundle Package for your NCA exam is now available.
Bundle Package v.1 is for those who do not have any notes or reading material on Foundations before, or who want better and easier to understand study notes, along with the sample questions and answers, Tips on How to Answer NCA Foundations Exam Questions, Summaries of Articles, Cases and Principles of Foundations of Canadian Law.

But if you have already (previously) purchased our Foundations note, then you may go for our Bundle Package v.2 which does not contain the notes again. V.2 only contains the sample Questions and Answers, Tips, and Summaries.

This is your Success Package for the NCA exam on Foundations of Canadian Law. It contains everything you need to pass. And you cannot go wrong with this Bundle Package.

Download this Bundle Package from anywhere. Click here now for more info:

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