Canadian Professional Responsibility (Bundle Package – v1.0)


Canadian Professional Responsibility – Bundle Package – v1.0

This is Version 1.0 of our Bundle Package on Canadian Professional Responsibility and contains everything you need to pass your NCA exams:

  • Published Date – August 8, 2023
  • Pages – 435 pages (cover to cover)
  • Format – PDF (downloadable)
  • Author – Manuel Akinshola (Barrister & Solicitor, Ontario)
  • Price – $250 but presently on 50% discount. (Get it now for just $125)

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Study materials for your NCA Canadian Professional Responsibility exams.

This is is Version 1.0 of the Bundle Package and contains everything you need to pass your Canadian Professional Responsibility Exam.

Materials in this Bundle are:

  • Notes on Canadian Professional Responsibility (updated to the current NCA Syllabus)
  • Summaries of Principles and Cases on Canadian Professional Responsibility
  • 8 Sample Questions & Answers (fact-based formats)
  • 25 Sample Short-Answer Questions and Answers
  • 10 Sample Multiple-choice Questions and Answer
  • Tips on How to Answer NCA Exam Questions

At iNTRACI, our primary objective is to assist international lawyers to become licensed in Canada. We provide support and consultancy services to help you navigate the complex licensing process. Likewise, we provide you with exam prep materials to ensure your success.

iNTRACI was established by Manuel Akinshola. He is a lawyer licensed across 3 jurisdictions – Canada (Ontario), England & Wales, and Nigeria.

To qualify as a lawyer in Canada, he sat for the assigned NCA examinations, which he cleared at one sitting each. He also sat his Ontario Bar Exams which he equally passed at the first attempt.

Hence, he has brought his extensive experience as a foreign-trained lawyer to bear by creating this initiative. This is to assist other international lawyers from all over the world in navigating to becoming Canadian lawyers.

As testified by many, you will find his experience and work tremendously helpful and resourceful. Besides, he is often assisted in this task by many other qualified individuals and organizations.

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