Admin Law – Sample Questions & Answers


Admin Law – Sample Questions & Answers

There is the general fear among foreign-trained lawyers and law graduates that NCA Admin Law is tough. Well, may be true to some extent.

But to help you pass the exam with ease, we have prepared a set of questions from the most important topics in Admin Law. These are topics on which you will hardly not find an exam question.

And not just the questions, we have also provided you with sample Answers that highlight the most important points that your examiner is looking for. So, when faced with a similar question or question containing similar facts, you can easily employ the sample answers in tackling them. In addition, the Answers contain supplementary resources and explanatory notes you will probably not find in your notes.

This is no fluke. The sample Questions and Answers were prepared with adequate resources from some Canadian Law Schools, to ensure they meet NCA standard. And, from the feedback we have received so far, our sample Q&As are doing exactly what they are set to do – helping candidates pass their NCA Admin Law exams.

What’s more! The sample Questions & Answers on our website cost $10 per topic. But we have put together 10 of the best topics at just $65,  a whopping 35% discount. (The topics are listed on the cover page).

Take advantage of the resources this handbook offers you, and be confident of passing your next Admin Law exam with ease.

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Admin Law – Sample Questions & Answers

10 Fact-based sample Questions and Answers, all prepared using the IRAC formula.

You will never find these Questions elsewhere.

They are unique, resourceful and very helpful in helping you pass your Admin Law exam.

This is a study material you cannot do without, no matter where you obtained your study materials from.

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