Announcing the launch of our brand new LSO bar examinations prep software today!

Now you got a worthy companion if you are sitting the LSO Licensing examinations now or anytime soon.

Our exam prep software? Simply unique. It is tailored to simulate the actual examinations. You get the feel of what the examinations are really like!

What makes our Bar exam prep software better than others?

Our exam software is tailor made for the LSO Exams. Its unique features are as follows:

  • It is designed to imitate the actual examination, both in structure and timing.
  • The software has been programmed to time you for 3 and half hours, just exactly like the timer for the exam. The countdown starts once you start the exam.
  • Each exam consists of 120 questions, just like the real thing.
  • Each question has 4 choice of answer to select from. You can only select one answer per question.
  • The questions have been designed to challenge candidates, and prepare you in advance for the main exams. The y are live questions and will bring out the best in you.
  • At the end of the 3 and half hours, the timer stops you automatically, you get your result instantly.
  • Even if you finish before the time allowed, you are allowed to submit and get your result displayed instantly.
  • The prep exams are graded on PASS or FAIL basis, just like the real deal. But here, you have an opportunity to know your raw scores, to let you know how you have fared.
  • What’s more, your result gets posted to your registered email for your records.
  • Once the exam is ended, you have the opportunity to review your questions and answers, to know which questions you got wrong and which you got right. \and then you can take the exams again and again.
  • You can the prep exams at anytime, anywhere and in any format you like.
  • Our software has been designed with your convenience in mind. So you can take the exam on you laptop, smartphone, tablet or any other device that has internet connection!
  • You can also take the exam as many times as you like within the time of your licence. And even when you have exhausted your license, you can purchase another one and instantly start revising.
  • Like to see a demo of how this wonderful exam prep software works? Then simply register and take the demo exams here

Welcome to the most interactive exam preparation software!