NCA Practice Exams - Multiple-Choice Questions, Short-Answer Questions, & Know Your Cases

It is our commitment to prepare NCA students all-round, so that you may be able to tackle any format of the exam questions NCA may throw your way. For this reason, we have designed 3 types of practice exams, as follows:

Multiple-choice Practice ExamsNCA is increasingly making use of multiple-choice questions in recent exams. There is therefore the need for you to prepare yourself so you know how to answer these questions to ensure you pass. So, you can attempt our multiple-choice  practice exam by answering them and you will be graded immediately. Then you can revise and see what questions you got wrong, and what the correct answer should be. It is unbelievably cheap, at just $5 per practice session. Please click here for a free sample of this Multiple-choice Practice Exams if you sign up.

Short-Answer Practice Questions – our online practice exams will test your knowledge on how to answer short-answer practice questions. there are multiple options to choose from, and when you submit, you will instantly be graded and know your scores. Then you can also instantly review your practice sessions so you know which questions you got wrong and what the correct answer should be. Everything is done online. It is also unbelievably cheap at just $5 per practice session. Free sample is also available if you click here to sign up.

Know Your Cases – we want to test you on available NCA cases for each subject. Knowledge of relevant case law is unavoidably essential. You must know the facts and ratios in each case if you want to pass your NCA exams. To this end, we have designed an online exam that will name a required case in the syllabus and then ask you to state the facts and/or ratio in that case. If you are correct, you will get the full marks. If not, you will be marked wrong. You can then review and see which ones you got wrong and what the correct answer should be. This online Know Your Cases Practice Exam is also $5 per session. You can sign up for a free sample by clicking here.

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     Our NCA Practice Exams are unique, resourceful and very helpful. They are designed to test your preparedness and open your eyes to possible mistakes you may make in the real exam. With this, you have ample opportunity to correct yourself so you don’t repeat that costly mistake during your exam.

    Use these Practice Exams as part of your study preparation and be guided on how to tackle the real NCA exams.

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