Frequently Asked Questions on NCA Practice Exams

iNTRACI NCA Practice Exams FAQ

  1. What is the scope of your NCA Practice Exam?

Our NCA Practice exam seeks to prepare students in readiness for the exam. You are tested similar to how NCA tests its candidates and then you will be graded, just the same way NCA grades its candidates. Then useful suggestions will be available to help you improve in necessary areas before the real exam.


  1. How are your questions prepared?

The Questions for our NCA Practice Exams are prepared from extensive researches and consultations. As you already know, NCA exams are prepared by and graded by teachers from Canadian law schools. So, in preparing our Questions, we have employed the same logic, structure, style and format of questions from these law schools, so that our Practice Exams resembles the real NCA exams as much as possible, for the sake of the students.

In addition, we make good use of the NCA syllabus to ensure that all our questions arise from, and relate to topics in these syllabi because that is what candidates will also be tested on by NCA.


  1. How are the Answers graded?

We have employed similar standards as used in Canadian law schools in grading your Answers to the Practice Exam. Aside from telling you whether you passed or fail, our Review comes with a breakdown of available marks and what you scored out of these available marks.


  1. Will I get a recommendation along with my Review?

We usually provide recommendations only to candidates who score below the pass mark. The recommendation contains suggestions on how you should improve and what you need to do to better your chances of passing the real NCA exams.


  1. Are your Questions the same as those on the NCA website?

No. Our questions are entirely different from those on NCA website.

Please note that NCA has not given approval for anyone to use its questions so as to protect the integrity of the exam. So, our questions are totally different in content from the ones on NCA website. But we have adopted the same format and structure so as to help candidates prepare well for the exams.


  1. How long does it take before a candidate receives feedback after taking a practice exam?

Ordinarily, a review and grade is provided after 3 business days following the moment of submission. This is because we have quite a number of reviews and grading to undertake and we want to do this very carefully.


  1. My exam is only a couple of days away. But I intend to take your NCA Practice Exams and obtain my grading and review before my real exam. Is there a way I can fast-track your grading and review of my answer?

Yes, as stated above, reviews normally take 3 business days after submission. But candidates can fast track this to one business day after submission by paying an additional little token of $50 CAD. Candidates interested in this express service can reach us here.


  1. Is my privacy protected when taking this practice exam?

Yes. That is why each candidate who signs up is assigned an exclusive and private portal to allow him/her engage in the NCA Practice Exams freely without the fear of any third party interference. Even our examiners who mark and grade your Answer Sheets are mostly shielded from candidate’s personal information. Registered Candidates are the only ones entitled to all the information contained on their portal.


  1. Do your Questions cover all topics?

It is impossible for a set of 4 or 5 questions to cover all the topics in any one subject. For this reason, we have created exams in different versions. Therefore, each Version contains Questions that are entirely different from one another.


  1. Why does a subscription to your Practice Exam come in different versions?

We cannot set just 1 or 4 questions to cover all available topics. For this reason, each Version contains different questions on different topics. Any candidate who wishes to cover the syllabus accordingly may select as many Versions of our Practice Exams as possible.


  1. How do I know which questions are covered under which Version of your Exam?

We will endeavour as much as possible to let students know what topics are covered by what Question or Version. This is not always feasible, but where possible, we will let you know in advance.


  1. I had data/power/technical disruptions while writing my practice exams. And I had already written my answer for over 3 hours. What happens? Will I lose all I have written and start all over again?

No. We have configured our NCA Practice Exams exactly to take care of these unexpected occurrences. If your practice exam suddenly closes due to power or data loss or a problem with your device before submitting it, our program would usually have saved your Answer. Then you can re-login and continue where you stopped. We will not always guarantee this though. And please note that if there is a disruption for the second time, then you may lose all your Answers and the subscription too. We would not be liable for this loss, however.