Prospective Candidates– How To Obtain Your NCA Assessment

For any foreign-trained lawyer who wants to become licensed in Canada, your first step is to have your credentials assessed by the National Committee for Accreditation (NCA). This is the body responsible for assessing the credentials of foreign-trained lawyers who intend to apply to most law societies in Canada for practice license.The purpose of this is to provide a uniform standard of qualification for all the Provinces.

The NCA will assess your credentials and stipulate that you should complete one or more exams and/or attend specific law school courses before you are issued a Certificate of Qualification.

In assessing your credentials, NCA may stipulate that you undertake 5, 7, 10, or even 16 exams before you can be awarded a certificate. The number of exams you are required to complete will depend on a number of factors.

But what are these factors that NCA will consider before prescribing your number of exams?

What must you include in your credentials to aid in your assessment?

How do you start the process?

What are the requirements that must be met before NCA will assess your credentials?

What are those things you need to do to prevent undue delay and unnecessary expenses in the process of getting your credentials assessed?

What do you do before, during and after you have obtained your Certificate of Assessment?

We have answered these and many more questions and compiled all these information in a Handbook. This Handbook provides you with step-by-step guide through the process of getting your Certificate of Assessment and thereafter. It contains invaluable information to assist you.