Qualifying to Practice Law in Canada (Provincial Requirements for Foreign-trained Lawyers)

For every foreign-trained lawyer wishing to transfer to practice in Canada. Making your decisions about how, when, and where to become licensed is a major one. Obviously, a lot of factors come into making these decisions.

For most people, making up their minds about the Province to become licensed presents some difficulties. This is because there are no available resources that will allow you to compare and contrast the qualification and licensing requirements of all the Provinces on one page.

This is the major reason we have put together this Chart on how to practice in Canada as a foreign-trained lawyer.

This Chart provides valuable information including available assistance for NCA candidates, alternatives to the NCA exams. Also, it contains exemptions to articling, provinces that prescribe Bar exams, and those that do not. Likewise, you will find a host of other useful information that will assist you in making up your mind.

This Chart is quite informative, educative, and helpful.

 It’s available for download at only $10